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Alex Moores loves whisky. As a social activity, as a sensory experience, as a conversation topic, as an academic exercise. He has been drinking whisky since 2007, but his love of the industry didn’t truly begin until his first guided tasting a couple of years later. From that moment on, he has been trying as many different drams with as many different flavour profiles as possible. For him, it was all about devouring the information, nosing and tasting profiles, and meeting all the wonderful people from distillers to bar staff.

Dark Valley comes from the Gaelic name Glen Dhu, which is the area where Alex grew up and is now the headquarters of Dark Valley Whisky. The name is both a homage to the Scottish Gaelic roots of uisge beatha as the drink and to the Tasmanian natural resources that allow Tasmania to produce such world-class whisky.

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