New to Australian Whisky?

New to Australian Whisky?

If you're new to Australian whisky, I thought I'd put together a little list of where you can start you're journey!

If you're new to whisky altogether, the Goodradigbee range is for you! John at Goodradigbee distillers uses a wooden cube to mature his spirit, rather than a traditional cask or barrel. As there is more surface area inside a cube, he only matures the spirit for between 6 & 18 months! This technically means the product is not labelled as a 'whisky' but as a 'single malt spirit'. 

Some really good options for getting into Australian whiskies would be Headlands Distillery (Wollongong, NSW), Iniquity (South Australia), Spirit Thief Distilling Co. (Tasmania), or Backwoods Distilling Co. (Victoria). 

Whatever you choose, enjoy every drop & find your new taste! 


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