Hillwood Tasmanian Whisky

Hillwood Distillery 2022 Tasmania Trip

Follow us on our 2022 trip to Tasmania! For our 3rd distillery, we finally made it to our good friends at Hillwood.

Run by the Herron Family, Father (Paul) and Son (Ollie) are the front runners of the distillery with two other brothers in different states across Australia. Located only 20 minutes out of Launceston, there is not much around the distillery just peacefulness! 

All whiskies that come from this distillery are (for the moment) from only 20L casks, with some 100L barrels aging for a bit longer. Known for their 'cask strength' whiskies, Hillwood continue to push the boundaries of making amazing Tasmanian whiskies. Their hard work paid off as they won gold at the world whisky awards in the category for their amazing peated sherry cask (cask 68)!

After working with these boys for over a year now, it was amazing to finally head down and meet them + their amazing distillery dog Chillie! Hillwood have now been working on some (what they call) 'bar strength' whiskies which are a bit more approachable than the cask strength drams. 

Make sure to try plenty of release from the boys! If you can head down there it is a must, or if not, pick some some amazing samples from Taste Aussie Drams. Including the cask that won gold at the world whisky awards! 

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