Corowa Distilling Co. Australian Whisky

Corowa Distilling Co. 2022 Tasmania Trip

Follow us on our 2022 trip from Canberra to Tasmania. The 1st stop is Corowa Distilling Co. Located in (you guessed it) Corowa, NSW.

The story starts when two lads Dean & Beau (the dreaded distiller) who loved footy and Whisky bought a flour mill for $1 (I'm not joking). The council wanted these friends to bring back some tourism and get little Corowa back on the map! & guess what! That's exactly what they did. 

If you haven't tried the 'core' range from Corowa Distillery, going there is a great way to taste. The prices for the whisky tasting is very reasonable starting at just $10 for 3 whiskies and $18 for 6 whiskies. They also have a few 'special' releases for tasting with very reasonable pricing.

Everyone knows chocolate is a great pairing for whisky. So, in the same building as the whisky there is a little room for chocolate! These handmade chocolates are amazing and pair well with any of the Corowa whiskies (so delicious).

If you have the chance to visit Corowa, definitely head there for a great afternoon! If you can't, we here at Taste Aussie Drams have heaps of Corowa's special release whiskies for tasting.

If you would like to read more about Corowa Distilling and the history, head to to find out more!

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