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Backwoods Distilling Co. 2022 Tasmania Trip

Follow us on our 2022 Tasmania Trip. Our 2nd stop was to Yackandandah, VIC. There are now two distilleries in this area, unfortunately we only had time to stop by the amazing Backwoods Distilling Co.

Backwoods was founded in 2017 by it’s lovely owners Bree and Leigh Attwood. The two had a love and passion for whisky and craftiness. This has now developed into creating whiskies that have won various awards across the world.

Having only tried the amazing whiskies that Backwoods produces, I thought I’ll give their small range of gins a taste. They have the ‘High Country Gin’ which is their take on a London dry gin and is amazing to drink on ice, but I really enjoyed it with some tonic and ice. We then tasted the ‘Salted lime gin’ which is the more citrusy of the two gins. This one is definitely to have on ice, with its huge citrus flavours. If you get the chance to try or buy these gins give them a go

There are a couple of factors that make Backwoods differ from other Australian distilleries. The use of rye barrels and more recently finishing their whiskies in red gum casks. We all know America is more known for using rye barrels, but man Backwoods is giving them a run for their money. If you have the chance, make sure to try any release that has been aged in rye barrels. The use of red gum casks is certainly an Aussie thing, Backwoods have now released a few whiskies that were finished in red gum casks. Each one has been so unique from the last. Most recently they produced the world’s first red gum rye. And believe us, it’s so so good

If you ever have the chance to, travel down to Yackandandah and enjoy such a lovely country town and some of the best Australian whiskies. If not, well lucky here at Taste Aussie Drams we have a number of releases from Backwoods including the new red gum rye.

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